magazine rack

magazine rack
the decor of magazine rack

the decor of  magazine rack

The wall color  is not only important in itself – on a bright background is better visible advantages of the original decorative ideas. In this case you can not paint the entire wall, and a small area.

You will need

5 plywood magazine rack from IKEA
red acrylic paint
acrylic lacquer
white acrylic paint in the can
copies of engravings depicting vases, candelabras


1. Select a vertical piece of the wall 1 m wide and paint it in bright contrasting color (in this case,  red color).
2. Attach plywood boxes together with clothespins on the back side (this is needed only for the duration of work).


3. Paint the magazine rack with white paint.
4. Cut out paper ornament elements.


5. Cover the facades of varnish. Glue the picture right on top of varnish and apply another coat of varnish for fixing.
6. Once the paint has dried, carefully cut  the picture.



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