Original wall clock

wall clock

Do you want to buy new wall clock ? Do not rush! You can make out of old clock  new! Moreover, these wall clock will be original and unique, and fully meet your taste.
In this article we try to create original wall clocks. The new clock will be decorated with floral pattern and decorative beads . To make such a watch is enough to find a picture that you like or take the old wallpaper.
At the beginning  we need to remove the clock arrows. This should be done carefully, in accordance with the instruction that the arrows can be easily reinstalled. Paint  the edge of clock by a thin layer of pink acrylic paint.


After the paint dries, apply the glue to the entire surface of the clock. Cut the desired pattern  in the form of clock. Picture pasted on the surface. Glue the decorative beads. Set the clock arrows.


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